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Our Curriculum Philosophy

The My Financial Sherpa program is housed within the nonprofit, The Institute of Financial Education (TIFE).  TIFE’s mission is to set the curriculum standard of how financial education is taught.  TIFE provides a research-based financial education curriculum that is easily understood and empowers people to take control of their own finances.

Financial Sherpa

[fi-nan-shuh l, fahy-] [sher-puh, shur-]


A guide that applies their expertise, skill, and experience in helping you navigate your financial journey and assists in managing the most challenging phase of your financial life plan.

Well-informed consumers, who can serve as their own advocates, are one of the best lines of defense against the proliferation of financial products and services that are unsuitable, unnecessarily costly, or abusive.

– Ben Bernanke, Former U.S. Federal Reserve Board Chairman


Fundamental Concepts

Behavioral Economics Approach

Our curriculum applies research on behavioral finance and investor psychology.  Each course takes into consideration the effects of human emotions and cognitive errors on financial decisions and the financial planning process. We focus on the four areas of common cognitive biases in financial decision making.

Understanding Risk Diversification

While Americans have trillions of dollars in mutual funds, studies are finding many don’t understand how stocks & funds work.  Since many decisions about retirement savings must deal with financial markets, there is a need to understand inherent market risk.  Financial literacy studies tend to conclude that advanced financial knowledge in topics like risk diversification is crucial.

Financial Numeracy Approach

The capacity to do calculations is a major component to the foundation of financial planning.  Without understanding or knowing basic financial numeracy (for example, how to calculate interest compounding), individuals are unable to understand long term impact of fees, lost opportunity costs, and interest compounding.

Understanding of Inflation

Individual are increasingly being asked to take on additional responsibility for their own financial well-being.  We educate on how to combat retirement’s silent killer: Inflation. Our curriculum focuses on the long term implications inflation will have on an individuals retirement plan and strategies to overcome escalating inflation.

Personalized Coaching

We follow a holistic step-by-step process in educating individuals on their personal financial situation.  Our process focuses on problem identification & educating on the pressures that’ll be put on their accounts. Individuals will learn how to harmonize all aspects of their financial lives & implement safety nets to safeguard their plans from uncertainties in retirement.

Unbiased Financial Education

Our curriculum draws from principles of behavioral economics, theories of adult learning, studies on financial literacy and coaching.  There are no sales pitches or product-driven agenda.  Our curriculum helps employees understand what pressures are put on their finances & how to create holistic plans while improving their financial health.