• Looking to bring financial wellness to your employees?

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  • Want to provide financial wellness to your employees?

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  • Looking to bring financial wellness to your employees?

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Improve employee well-being and engagement at your organization

Our financial wellness program is a tailored plan that we collaboratively create with you to build employee engagement.  Our curriculum is crafted based off their interests & requests while giving you the wellness assessment data needed to see results.  We deliver vital support and information to your employees, seamlessly integrating with your benefit and wellness programs to promote solutions to everyday life challenges.

Turnkey Financial Wellness Campaigns

From seasonal promotional campaigns, to content for newsletters & emails, My Financial Sherpa offers the tools needed for a holistic financial wellness program.

  • Campaigns:  Timely promotional campaigns and marketing tools
  • Newsletters: If your company has a newsletter, we have financial wellness articles to incorporate into your wellness campaigns.
  • Electronic Marketing, and personalized content

Comprehensive Utilization Reports

Our data and analytics capabilities enable us to provide your employees relevant guidance, right when they need it.  We provide ongoing analysis and aggregate reporting, including engagement statistics and participation metrics.

Unbiased Financial Education

No sales pitches or product-driven agenda.  Our curriculum helps employees understand what pressures are put on their finances & how to create a holistic plan while improving their financial health.

Educational Video Content

Our video library contains easy-to-understand explanations that take the stress out of learning.  All of our videos and lessons have been created to be entertaining & informative.  We’ll walk your employees through their most common questions and misconceptions.

Financial Literacy Workshops

The My Financial Sherpa program is housed within the nonprofit, The Institute of Financial Education (TIFE).  TIFE provides a research based financial education curriculum that is easily understood and empowers people to take control of their own finances.  Our goal is that individuals will one day understand their personal financial choices in retirement and will be able to make informed decisions.

One-on-One Coaching

We follow a holistic step-by-step process in how we educate employees on their personal financial situation.  Almost everyone plans on retiring at some point, but figuring out how to navigate so many moving parts can seem overwhelming; that’s where we come in. Whether your retirement date is tomorrow or years away, we can help find the most effective strategies to ensure a financially secure retirement.

Supporting Your Benefits Program

Do you have a complex situation that you need help with?  We’re able to customize our approach so we can integrate all your benefits into a custom program.  We’ll help employees successfully navigate benefits changes and understand their options to achieve their financial goals.

  • Freezing or terminating pension plans
  • Program design or investment changes in 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plans
  • Integration with general wellness programs